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1. Introduction

This library provides additional functions to the CUDD library, available at http://vlsi.colorado.edu/software.html. Many of them allow to replace 0-1 ADDs by BDDs in if-then-else and generalized cofactors operations, some offer functions for ADDs which are counterparts of functions already implemented for BDDs, others offer a different interface, and last really new functions are implemented.

As the library uses internal operations of CUDD, it is mandatory to compile it with the same option than the one applied to CUDD. Among others, check data alignement options !

This library is necessary to the OCAML interface to CUDD that I developped and which is available at http://pop-art.inrialpes.fr/people/bjeannet/mlcuddidl/index.html.

To compile it, set the flags in `Makefile.config.model', copy it to `Makefile.config', and type make all. To use it, you should include the header file `cuddaux.h' and link your program with `-lcuddaux'.

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