MugLambda Juggler

Pascal Fradet

INRIA Researcher
Pop Art Project , INRIA Rhône-Alpes (former member of the Lande Project , IRISA , Rennes )

Research Interests

I am (or have been) interested in: functional programming, compilation, program transformation, garbage collection, program analysis,  lambda-calculus, typing, Gamma, domain-specific languages, aspect-oriented programming, software architectures, multi-view descriptions, security.

Currently, I focus on:

          I study in particular:
          I study in particular:

On-line Publications

Address: Inria Rhône-Alpes,                           Email : email in gif
         655 av. de l'Europe, Montbonnot,             Tel   : (33) 4 76 61 52 46
         38334 Saint Ismier Cedex, France             Fax   : (33) 4 76 61 52 52

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