Gd'day! I am a senior researcher (aka "directeur de recherche") at INRIA, the French National Research Institute on Computer Science and Automatic Control. I am the head of the SPADES team, which gathers 6 permanent researchers on topics related to formal design methods for embedded systems. Such formal methods include process calculi, type systems, components, contracts (assume-guarantee), models of computation (in particular data-flow), programming languages, program transformations, scheduling and schedulability analysis, fault tolerance, causality analysis, and multi-objective optimization. Our application domains include embedded systems, cyber-physical systems, real-time systems, mixed-criticality, and safety-critical dependable systems and circuits. My own current research interests are:
  1. Synchronous programming languages (Lustre, Esterel, Signal), in particular automatic parallelization methods for such programs, higher-order data-flow, dynamic reconfiguration and code mobility. I started this research during my PhD at Verimag.
  2. Safe design methods for dependable embedded systems, in particular multi-processor static scheduling heuristics with fault-tolerance or reliability constraints, multi-criteria scheduling and optimization methods, discrete controller synthesis, automatic circuit and program transformations, and aspect-oriented programming (AOP).
In the past, I have also worked on the hybrid control of autonomous vehicles for automated highways. I started this research during my postdoc at UC Berkeley, in the PATH group.
I belong to the editorial board of the Journal of Embedded Systems, to the DISCOTEC and EMSOFT steering committees, and to the DATE'16, SIES'16, and EMSOFT'16 technical programme committees. Previously, I have been in the programme committees of SLAP'02, SLAP'03, SLAP'04, FTRTFT&FORMATS'04, MSR'05, EMSOFT'05, FMGALS'07, MSR'07, DATE'08, SLA++P'08, DATE'09, MSR'09, DATE'10, DATE'11, MEMOCODE'11, LAFT'11, MSR'11, APSIPA ASC'11, MEMOCODE'12, LCTES'12, and APSIPA ASC'12, MSR'13, DATE'14, PECCS'14, RePP'14, SIES'14, DATE'15, SIES'15, and DAC'15. I have also been general chair for DisCoTec'15 and technical programme committee co-chair of EMSOFT'15 (with Nan Guan). I have also served as an external expert reviewer for DAC'11, DAC'12, and DAC'13.
From January to December 2008, I was on sabbatical leave in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Auckland, in New-Zeland. I worked with Partha Roop and Zoran Salcic on convertibility verification, the SystemJ programming language, and the PRETzel precision timed architecture and PRET-C programming language. I was funded by INRIA and by a Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowship within the 7th European Community Framework Programme.
From May 2011 to June 2015 I have been the head of science (aka "délégué scientifique") for the INRIA Grenoble Rhône-Alpes research center. In a few words, I was managing with the director all the research team creations (35 teams in the research center including 13 newly created ones and 8 initiated during my term), supervising the scientific relationships with our academic partners and industrial partners, the hiring of INRIA junior researchers...
Finally, since September 2015, I am vice-chair of the INRIA Evaluation Committee. This represents a significant amount of work. So bear with me if I do not react fast enough to your emails (I know that for someone claiming to work on reactive systems, this is a shame!).
Alain Girault's home page
INRIA senior researcher.
  1. PhD INP Grenoble 1994 (Verimag).
  2. HDR INP Grenoble 2006 (INRIA).
  3. Postdoc at INRIA Sophia-Antipolis in the Esterel group in 1995.
  4. Postdoc at UC Berkeley in the Ptolemy and Path groups in 1996-97.

Head of the SPADES team
  1. 655 avenue de l'Europe
  2. 38334 Saint-Ismier cedex

Current students: Christophe Prévot (PhD).