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The poc tool is a pretty-printer and c code generator for oc programs. It thus works with any synchronous program compiled into a finite state automaton in the oc common format.

Description of the poc tool

The poc tool either generates a pretty-printed program or a readable c program. It takes as input a single oc file. The command

poc foo.oc

produces the file foo.ty which is the pretty-printed version of foo.oc. The command

poc -c foo.oc

produces the file foo.c which is the c code for foo.oc. Unlike the c code generated by occ (i.e., by the Esterel compiler), the c code generated by poc is readable. In particular it is easy to modify. In contrast it is less compact.


The following options are available:

-h Print the help message.
-version Display the version number of poc.
-info Display all informations about poc.
-c Generate c code.

Getting poc

Here is the binary distribution:

And here is the source distribution:



Last modification: August 30th 2000