Programming languages, Operating systems, Parallelism, and Aspects for Real-Time
Project leader: Alain Girault


We work on the problem of the safe design of real-time control systems. Application domains are typically safety-critical systems, as in transportation (avionics, railways) or energy production systems. Both formal methods and programming/compilation issues are involved in the correct construction of such systems and their implementation.

Our special research themes are:

  1. Implementations of synchronous reactive programs, generated automatically by compilation:

    (Alain Girault, Gwenael Delaval)

  2. High-level design and programming methods:

    (Alain Girault, Gregor Goessler, Bertrand Jeannet, Pascal Fradet, Gwenael Delaval)

  3. Compositional verification and abstract interpretation techniques, with applications to the high-level design methods above. (Gregor Goessler, Bertrand Jeannet)