Alain Girault's research topics


I am interested in the programming of real-time embedded systems. In particular, I am fond of synchronous languages, like Esterel, Lustre, and Signal. Recently, this led me to consider robotics embedded systems, which are a particular case of real-time embedded systems. Currently, I am involved in several research projects, including:

I am also a member of the ARTIST DESIGN European network of Excellence.

Finally, I have been the co-advisor of several PhD students: Laure France on graphical simulation of biped robots, Christophe Le Gal on planification, Hamoudi Kalla on fault-tolerance for embedded reactive and distributed systems, Gwenaël Delaval on higher order synchronous programming , Gérald Vaisman on multicriteria real-time scheduling (still working), Mouaiad Alras on model-driven embedded code generation for Simulink/Lustre (still working), and Sidharta Andalam on precision timed architectures and programming languages (at the University of Auckland and still working). I have also advised several postdocs: Mihaela Sighireanu and Catalin Dima on fault-tolerant distributed systems, Emil Dumitrescu on the automatic production of fault-tolerant systems with discrete controller systhesis techniques, Tolga Ayav on aspect oriented programming for fault-tolerant systems, Massimo Tivoli on component adaptor synthesis for real-time systems, and Dana Xu on probabilistic contracts for reliable component based systems.

Last modification: June 1st, 2009