Off-line real-time fault-tolerant scheduling

Catalin Dima, Alain Girault, Christophe Lavarenne, and Yves Sorel
Euromicro Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Processing
Mantova, Italy, February 2001


We address the problem of off-line fault-tolerant scheduling of an algorithm onto a given architecture with distributed memory and provide a generic algorithm which solves this problem. We take into account two kinds of failures: permanent fail-stop and intermittent fail-silent. The basic technique we use is the replication of operations and data communications. We then discuss the principles which govern the execution of schedulings with replication under the state-machine and the primary/backup arbitrations between replicas. We also show how to compute the execution date for each operation and the timeouts which are used for detecting failures. We end with a heuristic which, using this calculus, computes a possibly non optimal scheduling which tries to minimize locally the total duration of execution of the distributed fault-tolerant algorithm.

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