Microsimulation analysis of multiple merge junctions under autonomous AHS operation

Marco Antoniotti, Akash Deshpande, and Alain Girault
IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation System, ITSC'97
IEEE press
Boston, USA, November 1997


In this paper we present a simulation study of autonomous automated vehicle operation on the Houston Katy Corridor. The simulation study was built on top of the Shift/Smart-AHS system. We developed the control algorithm for autonomous automated vehicles driving on a highway with multiple merge junctions. The algorithm is distributed and it controls both merging and yielding operations of vehicles in the merge lane and main lane respectively. Using this control system we evaluated the impact on safety and congestion on the Katy Corridor under different travel demand conditions and technology assumptions. The immediate conclusion we reached is that only the low level demands hypothesized by the Houston Metro Transportation Authority are feasible for autonomous automated vehicles.

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