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Jean-Pierre Banātre, Pascal Fradet, Yann Radenac. Programming Self-Organizing Systems with the Higher-Order Chemical Language. International Journal of Unconventional Computing, 3(3):161-177, 2007.


In a chemical language, computation is viewed as abstract molecules reacting in an abstract chemical solution. Data can be seen as molecules and operations as chemical reactions: if some molecules satisfy a reaction condition, they are replaced by the result of the reaction. When no reaction is possible within the solution, a normal form is reached and the program terminates. In this article, we introduce HOCL, the Higher-Order Chemical Language, where reaction rules are also considered as molecules. We illustrate the application of HOCL to the specification of self-organizing systems. We describe two case studies: an autonomic mail system and the coordination of an image-processing pipeline on a grid


[ Chemical programming ] [ Higher-order conditional multiset rewriting ] [ Autonomic systems ] [ Self-organization ] [ Self-protection ] [ Self-healing ] [ Self-optimization ]


Pascal Fradet http://pop-art.inrialpes.fr/people/fradet/

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