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Rémi Douence, Simplice Djoko Djoko, Pascal Fradet, Didier Le Botlan. Towards a Common Aspect Semantic Base (CASB). August 2006.


We gradually introduces formal semantic descriptions of aspect mechanisms. We do our best to describe aspects as independently as possible from the base language. For each aspect feature, we introduce the minimal constructions of the base language necessary to plug aspects in. We consider the weaving of a single aspect, in particular \emph{before}, \emph{after} and \emph{around} aspects. We extend the model with multiple aspects, cflow pointcuts, aspects on exceptions, aspect deployment, aspect instantiation and stateful aspects. Our descriptions could be applied to many different types of programming languages (object-oriented, imperative, functional, logic, assembly, \ldots). As an illustration of our technique, we describe the semantics of an AspectJ-like core aspect language (around aspects + cflow + aspect association/instantiation) for a core Java language (Featherweight Java with assignments)


Pascal Fradet http://pop-art.inrialpes.fr/people/fradet/

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