Module FixpointGuided

module FixpointGuided: sig .. end
Guided fixpoint analysis of an equation system

Technique of Gopand and Reps, SAS'07
val analysis : ('vertex, 'hedge, 'attr, 'arc) FixpointType.manager ->
('vertex, 'hedge, 'e, 'f, 'g) PSHGraph.t ->
'vertex PSette.t ->
(('hedge -> bool) -> ('vertex, 'hedge) FixpointType.strategy) ->
('vertex, 'hedge, 'attr, 'arc) FixpointType.output
Same as FixpointStd.analysis, but with the technique of Gopan and Reps published in Static Anlaysis Symposium, SAS'2007.
val add_active_hedges : ('vertex, 'hedge, 'attr, 'arc) FixpointType.manager ->
('vertex, 'hedge, 'attr, 'arc) FixpointType.graph ->
('hedge, unit) PHashhe.t -> bool