Module Symbol

module Symbol: sig .. end
Symbol table, for string management

type t 
Type of symbols (actually integers)
val add : string -> t
Returns the symbol associated to the given string, after having possibly registered the string if it wasn't (in this case, the symbol is fresh symbol).
val exists : string -> bool
Is the string already registered ?
val of_string : string -> t
Returns the existing symbol associated to the (registered) string. Raises Not_found otherwise.
val to_string : t -> string
Returns the string represented by the symbol.
val print : Format.formatter -> t -> unit
Prints the symbol (its associated string).
val equal : t -> t -> bool
Equality test
val compare : t -> t -> int
Comparison (do not correspond at all to alphabetic order, depend on the registration order of names in the module)
module HashedType: Hashtbl.HashedType  with type t=t
To use hashtables on type t
module OrderedType: Set.OrderedType  with type t=t
To use sets or maps on type t
module Hash: Hashtbl.S  with type key=t
Hashtables on type t
module Set: Sette.S  with type elt=t
Sets on type t
module Map: Mappe.S  with type key=t
		     and module Setkey=Set
Maps on type t
val print_set : Format.formatter -> Set.t -> unit
Prints sets of symbols.
val print_hash : (Format.formatter -> 'a -> unit) ->
Format.formatter -> 'a Hash.t -> unit
Prints hashtables on symbols.
val print_map : (Format.formatter -> 'a -> unit) ->
Format.formatter -> 'a Map.t -> unit
Prints maps on symbols.