Module Apron.Dim

module Dim: sig .. end

type t = int 
type change = {
   dim :int array;
   intdim :int;
   realdim :int;
type change2 = {
   add :change option;
   remove :change option;
type perm = int array 
type dimension = {
   intd :int;
   reald :int;

val change_add_invert : change -> unit
Assuming a transformation for add_dimensions, invert it in-place to obtain the inverse transformation using remove_dimensions
val perm_compose : perm -> perm -> perm
perm_compose perm1 perm2 composes the 2 permutations perm1 and perm2 (in this order). The sizes of permutations are supposed to be equal.
val perm_invert : perm -> perm
Invert a permutation