Module Apron

module Apron: sig .. end
APRON library



Managers and Abstract Domains: Level 1 of the interface (user-level): Level 0 of the interface:

Module Scalar: APRON Scalar numbers.

module Scalar: sig .. end

Module Interval: APRON Intervals on scalars

module Interval: sig .. end

Module Coeff: APRON Coefficients (either scalars or intervals)

module Coeff: sig .. end

Module Dim: APRON Dimensions and related types

module Dim: sig .. end

Module Linexpr0: APRON Linear expressions of level 0

module Linexpr0: sig .. end

Module Lincons0: APRON Linear constraints of level 0

module Lincons0: sig .. end

Module Generator0: APRON Generators of level 0

module Generator0: sig .. end

Module Texpr0: Unary operators

module Texpr0: sig .. end

Module Tcons0: APRON tree expressions constraints of level 0

module Tcons0: sig .. end

Module Manager: APRON Managers

module Manager: sig .. end

Module Abstract0: APRON Abstract value of level 0

module Abstract0: sig .. end

Module Var: APRON Variables

module Var: sig .. end

Module Environment: APRON Environments binding dimensions to names

module Environment: sig .. end

Module Linexpr1: APRON Expressions of level 1

module Linexpr1: sig .. end

Module Lincons1: APRON Constraints and array of constraints of level 1

module Lincons1: sig .. end

Module Generator1: APRON Generators and array of generators of level 1

module Generator1: sig .. end

Module Texpr1: APRON Expressions of level 1

module Texpr1: sig .. end

Module Tcons1: APRON tree constraints and array of tree constraints of level 1

module Tcons1: sig .. end

Module Abstract1: APRON Abstract values of level 1

module Abstract1: sig .. end

Module Policy:

Policy manager

module Policy: sig .. end

Module Disjunction: Disjunctions of APRON abstract values

module Disjunction: sig .. end

Module Apron_parser

module Apron_parser: sig .. end

Module Apron_lexer: Lexical analysis of expressions, constraints, generators

module Apron_lexer: sig .. end

Module Parser: APRON Parsing of expressions

module Parser: sig .. end