Module Apron.Scalar

module Scalar: sig .. end

type t = 
| Float of float
| Mpqf of Mpqf.t
| Mpfrf of Mpfrf.t

See Mpqf for operations on GMP multiprecision rational numbers and Mpfr for operations on MPFR multi-precision floating-point numbers.
val of_mpq : Mpq.t -> t
val of_mpqf : Mpqf.t -> t
val of_int : int -> t
val of_frac : int -> int -> t
Create a scalar of type Mpqf from resp.
val of_mpfr : Mpfr.t -> t
val of_mpfrf : Mpfrf.t -> t
Create a scalar of type Mpfrf with the given value
val of_float : float -> t
Create a scalar of type Float with the given value
val of_infty : int -> t
Create a scalar of type Float with the value multiplied by infinity (resulting in minus infinity, zero, or infinity
val is_infty : t -> int
Infinity test. is_infty x returns -1 if x is -oo, 1 if x is +oo, and 0 if x is finite.
val sgn : t -> int
Return the sign of the coefficient, which may be a negative value, zero or a positive value.
val cmp : t -> t -> int
Compare two coefficients, possibly converting to Mpqf.t. compare x y returns a negative number if x is less than y, 0 if they ar equal, and a positive number if x is greater than y.
val cmp_int : t -> int -> int
Compare a coefficient with an integer
val equal : t -> t -> bool
Equality test, possibly using a conversion to Mpqf.t. Return true if the 2 values are equal. Two infinite values of the same signs are considered as equal.
val equal_int : t -> int -> bool
Equality test with an integer
val neg : t -> t
val to_string : t -> string
Conversion to string, using string_of_double, Mpqf.to_string or Mpfr.to_string
val print : Format.formatter -> t -> unit
Print a coefficient