Module FixpointThreshold

module FixpointThreshold: sig .. end
Fixpoint analysis of an equation system: inference of thresholds

Public datatypes

type ('vertex, 'hedge, 'threshold) parameter = {
   mutable compare :'threshold -> 'threshold -> int; (*Comparison of thresholds (for creating sets of type 'threshold PSette.t)*)
   mutable print :Format.formatter -> 'threshold -> unit; (*Printing thresholds*)
   mutable init :'vertex -> 'threshold PSette.t; (*Initial thresholds*)
   mutable apply :'hedge -> 'threshold PSette.t array -> 'threshold PSette.t; (*Propagating thresholds (like the apply field in type ).*)
   mutable iteration_nb :int; (*Number of iterations (advise: 2)*)
Manager for thresholds
val inference : ('vertex, 'hedge, 'abstract, 'arc) FixpointType.manager ->
('vertex, 'hedge, 'threshold) parameter ->
('vertex, 'hedge, 'a, 'b, 'c) PSHGraph.t ->
('vertex, 'hedge) FixpointType.strategy ->
('vertex, 'threshold PSette.t) PHashhe.t
Inference functions, taking a standard manager, a threshold manager, an equation graph, and an iteration strategy.